Product and Services
  • Uninterruptible Power System                  (1 Phase / 3 Phase System)

  • UPS Accessories

  • Bypass Box

  • Dual Supply Switch

  • Environmental Monitoring System

  • SMS Alert System

  • UPS Service and Repair

  • UPS Battery Replacement

  • UPS Maintenance

  • UPS Replacement

  • Server Room and Data Centre

  • Critical Environment

  • Project Management

What We Do
  • Work with clients to recommend and develop the best practice solutions that can be adapted to the business process


  • Help increase ROI, lower total cost of ownership and ensure continuity while making it easy to deploy


  • Providing maintenance service for data centers and UPS, and innovative idea in improvements


  • Device integration of numerous power protection solution and software


  • Providing best of breed, affordable and reliable power protection solutions and services







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