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19 Years of Expertise

Incorporated in 2003, ACTCO Pte Ltd is a specialist in providing power protection integration and solutions across Asia Pacific.


With a combined management and technical experience of more than 30 years in the power protection field, backed by qualified engineers, the company supports its clients by delivering end-to-end power protection solution that comprises of enterprise power protection and device integration, training and education, product distribution and, maintenance and support services.

With presence in Singapore, the South Asia region and coupled with a thorough understanding of the broad scope of needs in this market, ACTCO is well-poised to carry out from simple engineering design to progressive and complex deployment ensuring that investment in ACTCO's products, services and solutions will yield long term positive and measurable results for the client's organisation.

Local & Regional Reach

Abstract Background

Wide Range of Industries

ACTCO  provides power protection solution and services for industries in the following sectors:

Healthcare Sector: Hospitals, Clinics
Food & Entertainment Sector: Cinemas, Fast Food Chains
Housing Sector: Houses, Utilities Board
Tourism Sector: Hotels, Resorts, Banks, Public Transport

Our Clients

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