Technicians at Work



  • Uninterruptible Power System (1 Phase / 3 Phase System)

  • Environmental Monitoring System

  • Bypass Box

  • UPS Accessories

  • SMS Alert System

  • Static Power Switch

  • Dual Supply Switch


  • UPS Service & Repair

  • Server Room & Data Centre

  • Critical Environment

  • UPS Battery Replacement

  • UPS Replacement

  • UPS Maintenance

  • Project Management

What We Do

Work with clients to recommend and develop the best practice solutions that can be adapted to the business process

Help increase ROI, lower total cost of ownership and ensure continuity while making it easy to deploy

Providing maintenance service for data centers and UPS, and innovative idea in improvements

Device integration of numerous power protection solution and software

Providing best of breed, affordable and reliable power protection solutions and services