Power anomalies are a fact of life. Some sort of power problem has affected us all, whether directly or indirectly whether it has been a power outage that caused an interruption of productivity, or equipment and data files that have sustained damage.

The cost associated with repair or replacement of equipment or recovery of corrupted data files can be substantial, whether you're a small, medium or large organization. Power protection devices, such as uninterruptible power supply and iSTS switch, provide a sizeable return on investment, in many cases, from preventing just one power incident.​

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

The full lines of uninterruptible power supply solutions provide maximum protection to shield your equipment from catastrophic damage while also providing battery backup during power outages.

Stand-By UPS

  • Provides full protection from surges, spikes, blackouts and brownouts

  • Switches to battery mode during brownouts, blackouts and over-voltages

  • Most affordable UPS technology

Line Interactive UPS

  • Full protection from surges, spikes, blackouts and brownouts

  • Provides voltage regulation during sags and surges (boost and buck)

  • Preserves battery power for blackouts so that batteries last longer

On-Line "Double Conversion" UPS

  • Maximum protection from surges, spikes, sags and blackouts

  • Continuously passes incoming power through a double-conversion (AC-to-DC-to-AC) inverter

  • Reacts instantaneously to brown-outs, blackouts and over-voltages-no switching time to battery mode

Modular On-Line "Double Conversion" UPS

  • VFI "Voltage Frequency Independent" is a technology to ensure the loads is always protected (whether it is operating on AC mains or if there is a power blackout), guaranteeing a perfectly stable and filtered supply of power

  • THDi = 3%

  • Power factor >0.99

  • High efficiency 

  • High reliability

  • Scalability

  • Redundancy (N+X system)

  • Plug and Play

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Static Transfer Switch

ACTCO Pte Ltd is the distributor for Static Power Pty Ltd Australia in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei since 2019. It would be a pleasure working with our clients and assist them in any inquiry that is required. Moreover, you may check out our HQ's website at https://www.staticpower.com.au/ to find out more. 

Static Power’s Static Transfer Switch transfers seamlessly loads from one source to the other. Fully solid-state, the iSTS includes smart features for optimum switching between asynchronous supplies and transfer of inductive and non-linear loads.

iSTS: Toward full system availability


Two backup sources can be directly connected to one iSTS – Single Cord Distribution – or, to eliminate “Single Point of Failure”, to many iSTS – Dual Cord Distribution. A third source will reduce further the risk of failure –
Redundant Dual Cord Distribution.

To guarantees a maximum of system availability, all iSTS, from 16A to 1600A, single or 3 phases are designed with multiple segregations and redundancies and have no “Single Point of Failure”.

iSTS: Adaptable to all applications

All iSTS can be adapted to improve the reliability and the availability of your specific application.

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